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Victorian Mains Replacement, North London

  • Sector: Drinking Water
  • Product: Excel 3C Coils
  • Client: Thames Water
  • Contractor: J Murphy & Sons

Excel 3c pipes replaced old cast iron pipes as part of the Thames Water's ongoing Victorian Mains Replacement Programme.

Installed in the Crouch Hill district metering area (DMA), North London, Excel 3c is a response to calls for clean, capped pipe coils for drinking water. It eliminates a major preparatory step for Water Companies and contractors installing new or replacement pipes.

Excel 3c is a range of PE pipe coils that are approved by the Secretary of State for installation without pre-chlorination. The new pipe coils save up to four days in installation time and vastly reduce the quantity of hypochlorite solution required.

As demonstrated in Falmer Road, London N15, where old cast iron pipes were upgraded to 180mm PE, the new pipe can be slip-lined into existing ferrous pipes, in the same way as standard PE pipes from GPS PE Pipe Systems. The key advantage is that water engineers can install it straight from stock, without lengthy pre-treatment.

By eliminating pre-chlorination of pipe coils, Excel 3c (clean, capped, coiled) also cuts costs and increases productivity. It is delivered to site with a factory-clean bore, which is doubly secured against contamination by end plugs and/or protective caps. The plugs and caps are fitted during online manufacture.

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