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Huyton Mains Replacement

  • Sector: Drinking Water
  • Product: Excel (PE100)
  • Client: United Utilities
  • Contractor: Morgan Est

A £7 million investment programme by United Utilities renewed a 44-inch cast iron water main using Excel pipe from GPS PE Pipe Systems.

A section of the main, running 4.4km from the M57 junction in Prescot into Liverpool, suffered two bursts in previous years, resulting in flooding of houses in Huyton. In order to prevent further incidents the existing Victorian pipe was slip-lined with 1000mm diameter Excel (PE100) pipe.

Contractor Morgan Est performed the installation, which began in November 2008 and was completed in September 2009. Straight pipe sections were jointed using a 1m fusion welding machine that was unique in the UK.

With a very small annulus between the close-fit ductile iron and PE pipes, grouting was not required, as the new PE lining is structurally supported by the host pipe. Consequently, substantial project savings were made by using a SDR 21 specification, rather than a thicker-walled pipe. The thinner pipe wall also confers greater carrying capacity to the pipeline.

A key benefit of renewing the main by slip-lining is the avoidance of open-cut replacement and the major disruption that would be caused to traffic along the route. Welding pits at both ends of each relined section were just 15m wide, allowing one lane of the dual carriageway to be kept open in each direction.

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