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Fram East

  • Sector: Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Product: Specialist Pipes
  • Client: Norsk Hydro
  • Contractor: Technip – Norway

Norsk Hydro opted for HDPE liners produced by GPS PE Pipe Systems for their Fram East water injection flowline.

Fram East is an oil field located 120km north west of Bergen and 19k north of the Troll C floating production unit. The development includes two water injection (WI) wells and five production wells with gas lift with templates tied back to Troll C though one cladded steel oil production flowline and one carbon steel WI flowline. Produced water from Troll C is used as a pressure support in the Fram East reservoir contributing to significant positive environmental gains through reduction in emissions to the sea in the Troll field. Fram East has also been developed to enable it to utilise gas from Fram West via Troll C as gas injection to increase recovery rates from the wells.

The Fram East water injection flowline had been originally specified in carbon resistant alloy (CRA) until availability of the steel became an issue. The pipeline contractor suggested a plastic lined carbon steel pipe and to avoid the long lead time for CRA, Norsk Hydro decided to confirm plastic lined pipe as the alternative. Also, a PE liner pipe represented a much smaller capital cost than corrosion resistant alloy pipelines. The revised Technip specification for this 18km WI pipeline required a carbon steel pipe 377mm OD with wall thickness of 18.8mm and an internal PE liner 346.2mm OD with wall thickness 16.5mm.  1,105 pipes, each 18m long were supplied in total. Installation was carried out by the Technip vessel Apache in water depth range 340m to 360m.  The HDPE liner was placed into 1.1km steel pipelines stalks. A proprietary connection was made between the liner and the steel host at the end of each stalk.

GPS PE Pipe Systems’ scope of work included manufacture, supply, testing and documentation of liners in accordance with strict specification by Technip. The supplied HDPE liner met the requirements of the client’s specification with regard to Compound Composition, Melt Flow Rate, Density whilst being compatible with the water composition provided. Reliable traceability was essential on the project, so all manufactured material has identification traceability and certification. GPS also provided the client with regular status updates aligned to key project milestones.

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