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M’Boundi Water Injection

  • Sector: Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Product: Specialist Pipes
  • Client: ENI of Milan
  • Contractor: Africa

60 kilometres of 610mm GPS HDPE liner was supplied for water injection project in the republic of Congo.

M’Boundi field, discovered in May 2001, is one of the largest oilfields to be found onshore Africa in recent years. Located some 55 km from the coast, it utilises seawater to pump into its wells to increase oil production, a practice well recognised throughout the industry. To achieve this goal, in 2008, its current operator and the client of this project ENI of Milan initiated construction of a new 600mm diameter steel pipeline to bring seawater from the coast to the oil field.

To ensure that the steel pipeline has a maximum lifespan in the corrosive, inhospitable environment it was decided to Swageline a 610mm OD plastic pipe liner into the steel pipe to protect the inner pipe wall from the rigours of operating in a salt water environment.

After assessing the situation, GPS PE Pipe Systems offered to supply the pipe in 18m lengths to reduce the number of fusion joints on site. It also offered broad logistical support, which included loading supervision of three cargo vessels following carefully planned port delivery logistics from three separate locations in order to avoid any timescale disruptions. On time delivery was crucial to the overall success of this project and so the manufacture of the liner pipes was carried out simultaneously on two dedicated extrusion lines over a Christmas and New Year period, which ensured the order was completed, independently inspected and certified prior to shipment to the Congo in record times.

The installation of the plastic liner was carried out on the site by specialist Swagelining contractor Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd. Once safely delivered, the PE pipe was laid out in standard lengths along the pipeline route and these were then welded into sections (or stalks) above ground before being pulled through a reduction die to temporarily reduce their diameter. The swagelined stalks were then pulled into the carbon steel strings under tension. Once the liner was in place, the tension was released, allowing the PE pipe to recover some of its original diameter and create a close-fitting and robust lining for the steel pipe.

At 55,440.6m, the M’Boundi Project is believed to be the longest ever Swagelining project. It also involves the longest single swagelined section, which reached 872.86m, and the largest angle of pipe swagelined with 610mm diameter PE at 1150. And amongst all those impressive accolades, GPS PE Pipe Systems achieved its own firsts: manufacturing all 60km of HDPE liner pipe and shipping it to Congo in record time.

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