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Hengrove Park Regeneration Scheme

  • Sector: Contaminated Land
  • Product: Protecta-Line
  • Client: Bristol Water
  • Contractor: Daniels

Bristol Water chose Protecta-Line barrier system as a precaution against any residual ground contaminants in the Hengrove Park regeneration project in Whitchurch, Bristol.

Hengrove Park is a joint private and public sector initiative and the largest of Bristol’s regeneration sites (as of 2009) spanning 76 hectares. Completed in July 2009, it incorporates the new South Bristol Community Hospital, new housing, offices, light industrial facilities, a higher education college, office complex, park and a leisure centre.

Hengrove Park is a former airfield and the first project in which Bristol Water specified large diameter Protecta-Line, in sizes 180mm, 250mm and 315mm. The company had previously used the Protecta-Line barrier system in smaller diameters, as this was the first, entire plastic system to achieve BSI Kitemarked status to WIS 4-32-19. The system is also WRAS and DWI approved.

Over half a kilometre of pipe was installed in open-cut trenches by Daniels. Butt-fusion and electrofusion jointing were used.

Construction Manager, Shaun Rawlings, explains:

“Our previous experience of the system was very positive and we had no problem in finishing this project on time. Installation procedures are not much different from a conventional PE pipe system. Both methods of jointing involve preparing the pipe ends using the Protecta-Line scraper to remove the outer PE skin and the aluminium barrier layer, without reducing the system’s pressure rating. Once the joint is made we must wrap it – as instructed by GPS - in Protecta-Line aluminium tape to re-instate the barrier across the joint and then add ‘Denso’ waterproof tape”.

The site opened as an airfield in the 1930s and closed to air traffic in 1957. Soil sampling and excavation, prior to construction beginning in September 2008, prepared for the £100 million redevelopment. The use of Protecta-Line further excluded any possibility of drinking water tainting as a result of any remaining traces of aircraft fuel in the ground.

Introduced by GPS PE Pipe Systems in 1997, Protecta-Line leads the market as the most complete PE barrier pipe system available. Pipes are supplied in 6m lengths and in 50m or 100m coils, reducing the number of couplers required for large installations and saving costs. A fully integrated range of approved and compatible Protecta-Line fittings is available to give design flexibility, thoroughly tested to ensure integrity of the system’s permeation barrier.

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