Recycling is a major part of our environmental policy and we aim to reduce waste going to landfill sites by recycling as much as possible.

Materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, wood, plastics and glass are separated and recycled. The majority of our plastic waste is recycled on site. All other waste streams are assessed to maximise their recycling potential. A monthly report is issued detailing the quantities of waste removed from the site.

The continuing efforts to improve our recycling activities led to us achieving our targeted reduction in waste to landfill in 2014. As a result, we have set ourselves an ambitious target in 2015 for increasing the level of waste that we recycle.

PE Waste Collection & Recycling Scheme

Used PE piping can be easily remanufactured into high-quality non-pressurised pipes or can be used to make a wide variety of other products, including bags, plastic lumber and compost bins. Responsible recycling of PE piping reduces the amount of plastic waste going to landfill sites, provides a sustainable source of raw materials to industry and consumes less energy than producing new, virgin polymers.

Our free PE Waste Collection & Recycling Scheme is designed to reduce our customers' environmental impact, while keeping them compliant and minimising associated administrative burden and costs. Under this scheme, we will regularly collect customers’ surplus piping and then filter and recycle it, all free of charge. We help to not only ensure that our customers’ recyclable PE waste is diverted from landfill, but also we are also closing the loop with many industries to ensure that used material is recovered, cleaned and re-engineered to produce plastic compounds that can be re-used for many different applications.

We provide regular reports demonstrating the amount of piping collected and recycled, helping our customers to fulfil their legislative obligations and also enabling them to evaluate their material waste. Regular collections help to keep customer sites clean from plastic waste, which in turn results in reduced health and safety hazards and minimised disruption on site.

How does it work?

Upon a customer’s request, and subject to availability, we place a purpose built PE recycling container on their site. This container can be used instead of a waste skip for all PE surplus or waste materials. Once the container is full, or if the use of a site has come to an end, the customer rings the number printed on the container to arrange collection. When the full container is removed, a replacement empty container can be delivered.

Once the full container has been returned to GPS, the containers are emptied, inspected and sorted into the following categories:

  • Unsuitable for recycling
  • Suitable for recycling but requires cleaning
  • Suitable for recycling without cleaning

While items not suitable for recycling will be sent for landfill, all other items will be cleaned, as required, and then recycled into materials that can be used in non-pressure pipe applications.

Please contact your Area Sales Manager for further details.

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