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water pe pipeline installation

Both across the UK and overseas, GPS pipes are the products of choice for leading water companies and engineering consultancies. Whatever the project, from replacing Victorian pipes around London to supplying clean drinking water in Hong-Kong, our customers can be confident that our products will help them deliver clean drinking water.

Solutions for

  • New drinking water pipeline installations, including trunk mains, distribution mains, communication pipes and service connections
  • Water mains renovation projects – using either open-cut or trenchless methods 

What We Offer

Fully-approved, high quality potable water pipes and fittings in sizes ranging from 20mm to 1200mm and in a variety of pressure ratings. Our comprehensive range of fully compatible fittings includes couplers, tees, reducers, tapping tees and other fittings to make fully end-load resistant joints up to 16bar.

Your Benefits

Leak-free Confidence and Guaranteed Water Quality

Offering reliable performance for an expected lifetime of 100 years, our pipes help customers reduce leaks and maximise water quality thanks to homogeneous welds that are stronger even than the pipe itself, corrosion and surge resistance. Pipe sticks are offered in lengths up to 18m long requiring even fewer joints.

PE pipes offer a durable solution with minimal maintenance with no internal coating that could deteriorate, a smooth, non-porous bore helping maintain an efficient consistent delivery of pressure and flow.

As a result, customers can trust our pipe systems to help them achieve the required water supply service targets for water quality, continuity of supply and leakage rate.

Fully Approved System

We understand that our customers need pipe systems they can trust, which is why we ensure that our potable water products undergo stringent third party testing and gain comprehensive approvals. Much more demanding than the level of testing usually applied to more traditional potable water pipe materials, these extensive tests not only ensure complete compliance with all regulatory and legal obligations, they also offer our customers total peace of mind.

Our water distribution pipe systems are Regulation 31/27 approved and Kitemarked to WIS 4-32-17 and to BS EN 12201.

Cost-effective Installations

Our high quality, cost-effective solutions ensure excellent value to address the cost/reliability issues faced by our customers.

Price Comparison: traditional materials

Offering lower installation and whole life costs than traditional materials, our polyethylene pipes are suitable for no-dig methods and also allow narrower trenches and quicker trench closure. Light and flexible for easier handling and reduced labour and logistics costs, our range offers a wider choice of jointing options, eliminating the need for anchor blocks.  What’s more, the smooth bore means that increasing pumping energy shouldn’t be required throughout the various stages of the pipeline’s life.

Price Comparison: competitors

The ‘one size fits all’ approach often adopted by suppliers of more traditional materials can result in over specification and unnecessary extra cost. At GPS, we can help you specify the right product for the realistic pressure ratings required – for example, specifying the thinner walled Excel pipe for a given pressure rating will reduce installed cost and increase productivity on site. Contact us for further details.

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