Contaminated Land

A Trusted Solution for Contaminated Land

contaminated land pe pipeline installation

PE barrier pipes have revolutionised the way potable water is transported through contaminated land and we pioneered the innovative technology more than 20 years ago.

For more than two decades, water companies, contractors and self-lay organisations have trusted Protecta-Line to transport drinking water through contaminated land with complete confidence that it will maintain the quality and safety of the water supply.

Protecta-Line is the market-leading barrier pipe system for distributing drinking water through brownfield sites, where contaminants are present, and sites with potential future contamination issues (eg: new petrol station forecourts)

Our Product Solution

An integrated PE barrier pipe and fittings system for potable water installations in contaminated land. Protecta-Line is the original and most comprehensive PE barrier pipe system available, incorporating pipes in sizes from 25mm to 630mm and a full range of dedicated, approved fittings including:

  • Mechanical Compression Fittings (for joining Protecta-Line service pipes)
  • Mechanical Fittings (for joining 63mm -180mm Protecta-Line pipes)
  • Ferrule Off-Takes (for 63mm - 355mm Protecta-Line pipes)
  • Electrofusion Fittings (for 90mm - 630mm Protecta-Line pipes)
  • Fabricated Butt-Fusion Fittings (for 90mm - 630mm Protecta-Line pipes)


Proven Barrier Against All Recognised Contaminates

Protecta-Line provides a proven impermeable barrier against all recognised brownfield contaminants, including both organic and inorganic, even in their maximum reported concentrations. 

No Expensive Soil Sampling

Protecta-Line provides sufficient protection from all recognised brownfield site conditions, where there is no expectation of toxic substances, meaning that specifying Protecta-Line can avoid undertaking costly soil sampling.

Lower Installation Costs

Protecta-Line is easier and quicker to install, compared with metal alternatives, due to its lightweight nature and ease of handling, combined with a reduced number of joints and fittings and no requirement for thrust blocks. The product’s corrosion resistance and smooth bore also reduces maintenance requirements, offering cost savings over the lifetime of the system.

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