Raw Water & Sewerage

Reduce Installation Time and Cost

sewerage raw water pipe

The strength, flexibility, chemical inertness and weldability of our pipes ensure a cost-effective, fast and efficient solution for raw water and sewerage pipelines.

Solutions for

  • Gravity and vacuum sewers
  • Sewer outfalls
  • Bulk water transfer and raw water mains
  • Pumping systems

What We Offer

GPS has a comprehensive range of fully-approved, high quality pipes and fittings in sizes up to 1200mm and pressure ratings of up to 16bar.

On average, logistics and labour make up around 80% of pipeline costs and our PE pipes offer more cost-effective logistics and faster pipe laying than more traditional materials, keeping costs down.

Your Benefits

Easier Handling and Logistics for Lower Costs

Light weight and flexible, our PE pipes require minimal jointing and no anchor blocks, with prefabrication and assembly of pipe strings using butt welding making installation fast and cost-effective.

Outfall installations are also easier and more cost-effective as PE’s low density means that the pipe floats.consequently barges or flotation bags are not necessary. What’s more, ease of pipe sinking and anchoring also helps to reduce the need for specialist equipment and underwater labour, providing time and cost savings.

Excellent Performance with Minimum Maintenance

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, sewage and effluent and fast fracture
  • Expected lifetime of 100 years
  • Excellent mechanical resistance to abrasion by scouring
  • Flexible pipeline means tolerance of ground movement
  • No expensive water loss

Ideal for Trenchless Installations

Ideal when repairing collapsed sewers in urban areas where trenchless installation causes less disruption and reduced remediation costs. Our heavy-duty PE pipes are flexible for easy insertion and supplied in longer lengths requiring fewer joints. They are perfectly suited for replacing old sewage and raw water pipelines as well as new installations using trenchless technologies.  They are also ideal for use in slip lining existing damaged or corroded metal outfall pipes by welding 12m or 18m lengths into long, leightweight and flexible strings with strong and durable butt-fusion welded joints.

Pressure Pipes for Even the Highest Pressures

For some raw water and pumping mains, it’s essential that the pipeline can withstand intense internal pressure: that’s why we supply pressure pipes rated up to 16bar. Thanks to the strength and flexibility of PE, our pipes can maintain their integrity under the most arduous conditions. PE pipe systems are also able to withstand water hammer (fatique) and surge conditions. (see guidance in our technical manual)

Not only does our PE pipe have a long system life, our fittings do too. Both the string and the welded joints are resistant to greatly varying conditions with no elastomeric seals to degrade.

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