Quality Control

The following checks and tests are carried out as part of our product quality control system and to ensure the highest quality of products offered to our customers:

  • All raw materials are sourced from approved suppliers and audited to ensure consistent parameters are maintained. In addition, the quality of our PE100 raw materials is also tested every seven months by an indepened testing authority in Netherlands to ensure that these materials comply with the enhanced requirements of the PE100+ Association.
  • Comprehensive  in-process and batch release checks ensure that all pipe, fittings and assemblies will deliver a system compliant with all relevant national, European and international controls, ensuring complete peace of mind for our customers. 
  • A range of checks and tests is carried out on both pipe and fittings (see below).  We perform some of these on every product; others only need to be carried out on a sample basis.
  • We keep detailed records of dimensional and performance tests for each production batch and every batch is given a unique identification number, providing customers with complete traceability.
Testing procedure Property Method of test - description Method of test - ISO Units PE80 PE100
Dimensional Control Outside Diameter, Wall Thickness, Ovality Measurements are made with a pi-tape and micrometer Relevant pipe specification/standard mm  - -
Tensile Testing Tensile strength at yield A sample is subjected to uniaxial tension until failure EN ISO 6259 MPa 15  19
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing at 20°C Creep Rupture Strength Pipe un-notched BS EN 12201-2 & BS EN ISO 1167 hours  >1  >100
Stress Cracking Tests at 80°C  Stress Crack Resistance Pipe notch test at 80°C and 9.2 bar EN ISO 13479 hours >165 >165
Stress Cracking Tests at 80°C
Resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation

S4 test at 0°C


Full scale test at 0°C

BS EN ISO 13477


BS EN ISO 13478








Surface Finish Surface Finish Visual Relevant pipe specification/standard - - -

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