We work across the water, gas, offshore oil and gas, cable and power and renewables sectors, providing a portfolio of high perfomance, high integrity plastic and composite piping systems for the creation and maintenance of vital utility infrastructure.

Drinking Waterdrinking water pe pipes Supply (Non-contaminated Land)

Offering reliable performance for an expected lifetime of 100 years, our fully-approved PE pipes and fittings help customers reduce leaks, maximise water quality and ensure excellent value to address the cost/reliability issues.

Applications: new and replacement drinking water pipelines.

contaminated land protecta-lineDrinking Water Supply in Contaminated Land

The market leading and most comprehensive fully-approved PE barrier pipe and fittings system available, Protecta-Line has become the first choice specified for many water companies and contractors.

Applications: drinking water pipelines in contaminated land (brownfield sites) and in sites with potential future contamination.

raw water & sewerageRaw Water & Sewerage

Light weight, flexible yet strong, our pipes offer more cost-effective logistics and faster pipe laying than more traditional materials, keeping down installation costs.

Applications: gravity and vacuum sewers, sewer outfalls, bulk water transfer, raw water mains and pumping systems.

gas pipe transportationGas Transportation

A trusted supplier to the UK gas industry, we have been supplying our durable fully-approved gas pipe and fittings since the early 1970s.

Applications: 2 bar and 7 bar gas pipelines for natural gas, LPG (gas form) and other manufactured gases.

offshore oil & gas pipeOffshore Oil & Gas

Our polymer liners provide a proven bore corrosion prevention solution and present a cost saving alternative to corrosion allowance or CRA, increasing operational  productivity and reliability of water injection and hydrocarbon lines.

Applications: water injection and disposal lines, sour and wet gas lines, hydrocarbon liquids lines.

geothermal pe coilsRenewables

Our range of PE piping provides a robust and simple to install solution for delivery of various renewable energy projects.

Applications: including hydroelectric and geothermal schemes, rainwater harvesting, landfill gas and grey water applications.

cable ducting pe pipeCable & Power

Offering excellent flexibility and low cost, our PE ducting protects heavy voltage and communication cables against mechanical and chemical hazards.

Applications: electrical cable, wiring, signalling and power networks ducting.

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