Safety and Long-term Performance

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In 1971, Stewart & Lloyds Plastics  was amongst the first UK manufacturers to supply MDPE gas pipe to British Gas. Forty years on, the UK’s major gas utilities still rely on GPS as a trusted supplier of durable gas PE piping for both new pipelines and replacement of old and corroded steel gas pipelines.

Solutions for

Below ground low (2bar) and intermediate (7bar) pressure gas systems including:

  • Natural gas
  • Liquid petroleum (LPG) - gas form only
  • Other manufactured gases

What We Offer

Our range of PE80 (2bar) and PE100 (7 bar) gas pipes is complemented by a comprehensive range of GIS/PL2 Kitemarked fittings for gas supply below ground in sizes from 20mm to 560mm.

Your Benefits


As experts in PE pipe systems our specification experience, manufacturing techniques and quality control procedures speak for themselves: they provide the foundations for an emphasis on safety that is a cornerstone of the gas industry. And, of course, our pipes and fittings are fully approved to all the major gas industry standards.

Safe and reliable connections are critical for safe gas transportation, which is why we offer a comprehensive package of electrofusion, long spigot and mitred fittings, all of which are fully compliant with all existing UK and European gas specifications, including the critical GIS/PL2 Part 4.

Long-term performance

Inherent properties, such as no corrosion, long life and excellent flow properties, ensure that PE can avoid the corrosion difficulties and replacement problems associated with metallic pipes to deliver superb long-term performance.

Highly stress crack resistant, PE pipe is also very flexible, allowing us to ensure that our pipes offer sufficient wall thickness for safe and reliable gas transportation and provide a robust solution even in the event of any surface scoring during installation.

Low Cost, No Dig

Supplied in straight lengths of up to 18m and coiled lengths up to 200m, our pipes are not only lighter and more economical to transport, they also require fewer joints. Extremely flexible, they’re ideally suited to “No Dig" techniques, reducing installation times, equipment requirements and reinstatement costs. They’re also perfect for insertion techniques, providing a hardwearing replacement for corroded iron and steel pipelines, and are able to flex to accommodate ground contours and large radius bends.

Quick and simple to joint, they also provide fast and easy butt-fusion installation, requiring welding pits only a little wider than the pipe itself or, in open cut gas installations, they allow jointing to be carried out in a trench, which is especially useful for repairs and/or tie-ins.

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