Helping Deliver Sustainable Technologies

hydro scheme pipeline

Green technologies are not only here to stay: due the rising cost of energy, increased environmental awareness and Government incentives they are on the increase. The wide range of PE pipes availale from GPS provides a perfect solution for delivering renewable energy.

Solutions for

  • Hydroelectric Schemes
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Landfill Gas Applications
  • Grey Water Transportation
  • Rainwater Harvesting

What We Offer

Our durable and flexible Excel (PE100) pipe, which is available in various SDRs in sizes up to 1200mm, is ideal for renewable installations. Our Geothermal Coils can be used in conjunction with Fralen Electrofusion or other associated fittings, such as twin-loops, U-bends and Y-joints (not offered) for geothermal installations.

Your Benefits

Excellent Exterior Performance

Many renewable schemes are installed in harsh environments: for example geothermal pipes may be installed up to 100m deep and sometimes under water. Our pipes have to be able to cope with tough conditions during installation and following completion, requiring a high level of abrasion and crack resistance, the strength to withstand external and an ability to resist harsh conditions, including corrosive chemicals.

Our Excel pipe answers all these requirements, offering a durable material with superior resistance to abrasion and notching and a 100-year pipe life.


Offering excellent thermal properties and superb flexibility that's ideal for the loops of pipe required for geothermal installations, PE is the material of choice for geothermal applications. Its flexibility and light weight make it easy to assemble and install, even in difficult conditions.

Low Capital and Operational Cost

Using crack-resistant polymers vastly reduces the need for sand as a backfill, cutting capital outlay and labour time during installations. PE's superior environmental resistance also keeps the risk of installation and operational failures to a minimum and ensures that little maintenance is required.

What's more, correctly installed PE pipes from GPS can deliver leak-free operation thanks to their butt fusion jointing capanilities, As a result, landfill gas can be transferred to the processing plant without any fear of leakage or harm to the surrounding environment.

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