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electric ducting installation

Our high performance, low-friction HDPE ducting pipe means that our customers can always rely on durable housing and excellent protection for sensitive electrical cabling.

Solutions For

  • Electrical cable and wiring ducting
  • Signalling and power networks ducting

What We Offer

Excel (PE100) piping, manufactured to dimensional requirements of DIN 8074/8075 specifications.

Your Benefits

Exceptional Protection

With its high performance and inherent properties, our ducting pipe provides all the protection and security that buried electrical wiring and cabling installations need to prevent damage due to construction, harsh conditions or highly pressured environments.

Made from a durable polymer, our ducting pipe provides:

  • High tensile strength and excellent impact and crush resistance to handle aggressive installation methods such as impact moling and directional drilling
  • Long lasting strength for increased performance and a long lifespan
  • Resistance to corrosive chemicals and aggressive soils

Low Cost

With excellent flexibility that’s easier to work than rigid alternatives, our PE ducting is delivered in long coils of up to 150m for convenient installation. That means much lower handling costs and a reduced need for mechanical fittings, which reduces labour costs too.

Low Friction and Excellent Flexibility

Lightweight and extremely flexible, HDPE is an ideal material for cable ducting, which allows the installation to follow the contours of varied terrain without additional fittings. As a result, it’s ideal for locations where rigid, non-flexible ducting is hard to install. HDPE’s low resistance to pulled-in cables simplifies the installation process still further.

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