Company Overview

GPS PE Pipe Systems is a market leading manufacturer of high performance piping products for gas, water, sewerage and industrial applications.

Specialising in polyethylene (PE) pipe systems, we help deliver gas and clean drinking water to thousands of homes and businesses across the UK and abroad.

We are a UK manufacturer with a 100-year heritage and a global reach. Having pioneered PE pipe systems in the UK, we continue to lead innovation today, supplying products to many of the leading utility, engineering and construction companies.

We are part of the Aliaxis Group and our products are sold to more than 60 countries across five continents.

Our Expertise

For many years we have been leading innovation in the development of high performance PE pressure pipe systems for the utility markets, and our wealth of experience ensures that we remain market leaders.

Our enviable track record involves some of the pipeline industry’s ‘firsts’ and our combination of manufacturing excellence and innovation enables us to deliver the best possible solution.

With a portfolio that includes the world’s longest swagelined oil pipeline, the Victorian Mains Replacement Scheme and a host of other major projects, we can confidently assert that no other company has done so much to develop the use of PE systems in the UK water and gas industry.

Our Products

We manufacture a wide choice of products with the aim to provide our customers from various industry sectors with total pipeline solutions. Our product range, from cost effective ducting solutions right through to the industry leading Protecta-Line barrier system, is one of the most comprehensive in Europe and we constantly improve and update it to ensure that our customers remain at the forefront of safe and reliable gas and water distribution systems.

We believe that high quality innovative products can lower costs and drive efficiency gains. This drive for innovation and product quality has been the key to our company's success for many years. With strong quality and environmental management systems, we ensure that our products always meet all the relevant UK and Continental industry specifications and, in many cases, exceed mandatory requirements.

Quick Facts

  • First established in 1903 as Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd
  • Sell to more than 60 countries
  • Part of the Aliaxis Group
  • €2.5bn Group turnover in 2013

Project Case Study


Huyton Mains Upgrade

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