PE Pipes Inspire Artist to Innovate

21 December 2010

pe pipe sculpture

A sculptor tipped for the top in the world of contemporary art has literally ‘found’ the material that forms the basis for many of his works in a hole in the road.

Originally a graphic designer, Maurice Citron has been creating sculptures from ‘found materials’ for over years, using anything from family memorabilia to other people’s trash from skips and charity shops in order to create each piece. He used domestic plumbing pipe to create a flexible armature, but when he decided that he wanted to develop his sculptural style on a larger scale he looked for something more industrial... and found inspiration in a mains renewal programme!

Explains Maurice: “I live and work in North London where there’s lots of work being done to renew the Victorian mains so I just spotted the GPS PE Systems pipe in hole in the road. When I contacted GPS about getting hold of some of their pipe they were really helpful and provided me with some materials which turned out to be ideal.”

Indeed, GPS and their sister company Philmac now sponsor Maurice with materials and have provided him with coiled piping, straight lengths of pipe and mechanical compression fittings, ensuring that he has everything he needs to develop his work and create large pieces. Maurice uses both the blue 32mm and yellow 63mm PE80 piping: products that are more usually employed below ground to provide secure potable water and gas supplies.

Comments Oxana Latypova of GPS: “GPS PE Systems champions innovation and is delighted to support talented artists in using our products in an unconventional way. Maurice’s use of our PE80 range may be considerably more unconventional than most, but his innovative use of our polyethylene piping still demonstrates the flexibility, stress crack and weather resistance that have made it so successful in more typical applications.”

Maurice adds: “The flexibility of the armature in my work is part of the inherent element of chance that helps the creative process remain fluid and organic, so any pipe I used had to be flexible and lightweight enough to work with. I also needed something that would be strong enough for larger works and provide good weather resistance for any exterior sculptures I may do and the GPS PE80 pipe has ticked the boxes on all counts.”

Maurice’s work has recently been exhibited at part of the ‘Heft’ exhibition at the Winchester Discovery Centre and will be featured at the forthcoming ‘ Through the Back Door’ and ‘Purple Nurples & Peekaboos’ exhibitions in Liechtenstein and London, in 2011.

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