Protecta-Line Range Grows with New Ferrule

12 July 2010

63mm Protecta-Line ferrule off-take

GPS PE Pipe System’s award winning Protecta-Line barrier pipe system has been extended with a unique saddle ferrule.

Independently tested to WIS 4-32-19, the saddle ferrule enables a live off-take of 63mm Protecta-Line pipe without any flow restrictions and has been specifically designed to provide ease of installation. The ferrule complements the system, which safely transports drinking water through contaminated land. The valve can be installed onto Protecta-Line mains in sizes from 90mm to 355mm. The outlet uses proven 63mm Protecta-Line Mechanical Compression End Connectors to ensure complete safety.

The ferrule off-take was specifically designed to provide both specifiers and users with a no-compromise off-take of 63mm Protecta-Line pipe. It holds excellent headloss and flow characteristics and provides total security against contaminant ingress. Each ferrule incorporates an insert sleeve that grips into the hole drilled in the pipe wall, securely sealing against the inside of the saddle body. This ensures there is no contact between the pipe’s aluminium barrier layer and the drinking water supply. 

All components of the system are robust, user friendly and suitable for all-weather installation, so that users are assured of a fully secure system.

GPS PE Pipe Systems introduced the Protecta-Line barrier system to the UK market more than 10 years ago. A fully integrated system of pipes and fittings, Protecta-Line protects against chemicals in the land and against future environmental incidents. The Protecta-Line is also lightweight, flexible and user friendly 

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