GPS Adds Speed and Reliability Into Pipe Fittings Upgrade

3 March 2010

durafuse PE HDPE electrofusion fittings

New improvement in GPS PE Pipe System’s electrofusion fittings range.

Installers and end users will benefit from the latest manufacturing improvement in GPS PE Pipe System’s electrofusion fittings range. 

The new wire placement production technique, applied to GPS’s small diameter, black PE100 couplers and 90o elbows from March 2010, leads to an extremely strong and secure electrofusion joint when installed correctly. With an accelerated fusion time the new fittings are also much quicker to use than was previously possible. 

Spanning the size range 25mm up to 63mm, the new production method cuts an average of 19% off the fusion time for the couplers and elbows. This is due to the precise positioning of the electrofusion coil, which allows optimal heat transfer to the pipe surface. 

Wire ploughing dispenses with a conventional pre-form core and positions the wire with a high degree of precision. This results in consistent dimensional accuracy and construction from one moulded fitting to the next. All the fittings are manufactured to close tolerances with minimum ovality. 

The new manufacturing method adds to GPS’s already comprehensive product range and specialist knowledge in PE pipe systems for water, gas and general industries. A pioneer in the design and manufacture of PE pipes, GPS is committed to constantly improving and updating its products in response to customer needs. 

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