Integral Towing Head from GPS Excels on Site

2 November 2011

excel pe pipe with towing head

GPS has developed an innovative factory sealed pipe with integral towing head, eliminating the risk of towing head failure and reducing installation times for trenchless installations.

he move further enhances the cost, time and efficiency benefits of GPS’s Excel 3c, the original patented factory sealed PE pipe designed to minimise disruption and chemical waste in ‘no dig’ installations. The towing head is a vital component for pulling the new pipe through the host pipe, but poor installation and contamination at site can often lead to water or mud ingress problems during installation when using detachable towing heads. The integral Towing Head has been designed by GPS to avoid these problems, whilst providing additional ease, speed and cost efficiency on site. This new product enhancement has already been successfully tested by Essex & Suffolk Water at several trials in Dagenham and Basildon.

The new Towing Head is fused onto the pipe at the factory, removing the need for the additional site time and equipment usually required to prepare and assemble the towing head. When used in conjunction with GPS Excel 3c, the result is a clean, capped, coiled pipe that can be delivered straight to site and is ready for the installer to simply hook up the shackle and go.

Jon Brian, GPS Product Manager explains: “Use of mechanically fixed towing heads has been a continuing problem for ‘no dig’ installations. While there are other solutions available to address this problem, they all have cost implications and require complex on-site installation. With the new Excel 3c pipe and Towing Head there is no site preparation or assembly required, so there can be no installation errors, no failure due to the towing head coming away from the pipe and no risk of contamination. We believe it will make a significant difference to the success, time and cost of ‘no dig’ projects.”

Find out more about Excel 3c range.

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