GPS Digs Into Its Past to Help Mining Museum

8 August 2013

Rocks By Rail Train

GPS plastic pipe is helping bring part of Britain’s mining past to life for future generations.

Rocks by Rail is the living ironstone museum in Rutland, which brings to life the once flourishing East Midlands ironstone quarry heritage. It approached polyethylene pipe manufacturer GPS PE Pipe Systems for help with the piping required to carry out ground works as part of museum redevelopment plans.

The Museum’s 19-acre site incorporates reclaimed ironstone quarry, nature trails and railway tracks, enabling visitors to find out about the mining industry in the area and see some of the rolling stock and equipment it used. Piping will be used to replace an open ditch with a buried culvert that will drain the excess water from the site to allow further building work to commence.

Simon Layfield, the museum’s secretary, said: “We approached GPS because they are local to the museum and had historic connections with the ironstone mining industry in the region and we were delighted when they not only agreed to help but also contributed their expertise to help us specify the most appropriate PE pipe.”

Oxana Latypova from GPS PE Pipe Systems commented: “GPS PE Pipe Systems was first established as Stewards & Lloyds, one of the UK’s largest iron and steel makers, more than a century ago. The company had large steel work in Corby, making use of the local iron ore.

‘’We have been very impressed by what’s been achieved at the Rocks by Rail Museum and, as it celebrates a history that is so connected with our own past, we were especially pleased to be of help.”

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