Excel 3C gets approval for longer storage

30 September 2013

Excel 3c colis

GPS has extended the safe open air storage period of Excel 3C (Clean, Capped, Coiled) pipes from six months to a year following independent tests by the WRc (Water Research Centre) and approval from the Secretary of State.

A factory clean pipe coil designed to reduce installation times and costs, Excel 3C removes the need for pre-chlorination prior to installation. With factory-sealed pipe ends secured by a protective cap and an innovative integral towing head, it ensures that the pipe bore is doubly protected against the risk of contamination.

These speed of installation, cost and environmental advantages have made Excel 3C a popular choice for many of the UK’s water companies, including Essex & Suffolk Water and Anglian Water, and the pipe’s benefits have now been further enhanced by its extended safe storage period.

The WRc’s investigation checked for bacterial colonisation on the inside surface of the pipe on arrival at site and at regular intervals during the outdoor storage. The investigation demonstrated that Excel 3C could be safely stored for 12 months without biological compromise.

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