GPS Welcomes New Standard for Barrier Pipe

9 March 2017

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In positive news for the water industry, we are welcoming the publication of a new British Standard (BS 8588) ‘Polyethylene pressure pipes with an aluminium barrier layer and associated fittings for potable water supply in contaminated ground’.

Currently, Water Industry Specification (WIS) 4-32-19 governs the specification and performance of barrier pipe systems. However, over the last decade the use of barrier pipes on brownfield sites has significantly increased in line with the rise in land redevelopment, and so a new standard was required to maintain protection for consumers.

The existing WIS requirements are extremely robust and ensure high quality PE barrier pipes are manufactured, by translating these current guidelines, and combining them with further rigorous testing, the certification is enhanced. The new British standard, when it sits alongside a valid WRAS approval, ensures contractors, developers and utilities can be confident of specifying a reliable and safe barrier pipe solution.

In a collaborative project, water companies, WRAS and manufacturers have all worked together to accomplish the publication of the new British Standard. Commenting on the new standard, Mike Shepherd, Water UK Standards Manager and Chair of the Drafting Group, said: “I am pleased that the British Standard retains all elements of the Water Industry Specification and ensures that systems tested to its requirements will continue to be a reliable solution for protecting drinking water.”

Our head of product marketing, Dominic O’Sullivan, added: “The true benefit of installing barrier pipe systems, that meet the new British Standard, is peace of mind for water suppliers, and their consumers, when it comes to water quality at the tap. Specifying a complete barrier pipe system including pipes, fittings and fusion joints, which has been proven to meet this standard, offers contractors, developers and water utilities the reassurance that a safe and reliable solution is being installed.”

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