Push-Fast Proves Ideal for Cold Snap

25 January 2011

pushfast fittings from GPS PE Pipe Systems

The icy chill that has gripped the UK once again this winter has highlighted the need for the water industry to find pipe solutions that are fast, simple and convenient to install, even during the most adverse weather conditions.

For water companies across continental Europe and in the UK, the Push-Fast system from GPS PE Pipe Systems provides just such a solution, which has proved its advantages time and again on cold and wet installation sites.

Unique Design
A complete polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings solution for potable water, grey water and sewage applications, Push-Fast is an integrated spigot and socket water jointing system. It has been expertly designed with a specially moulded socket that provides an excellent, leak-tight seal for a wide range of pressures. 

The secret is in the way that the Push-Fast system has been engineered. Featuring an individual elastomeric seal and a tough thermoplastic grip ring, each located in a separate tapered groove, the seal’s leak-tight effectiveness actually increases as the system water pressure increases. That’s because the grip ring’s unique design features an external tapered section so, not only is the joint locked by pressurisation of the pipework contents, but - thanks to the tapered design - increased line pressure also enhances the locking force of the Push-Fast joint, delivering an even more effective seal. 

Indeed, Push-Fast offers all the advantages of PE, such as lightness, flexibility and totally secure jointing methods, that allow considerably lower installation and whole life costs when compared to ductile and cast iron push-fit systems.

Quick & Convenient
For Steve Maffey of Clancy Docwra, who has worked on numerous Push-Fast installations, the advantages of the system are not just its leak-tight effectiveness but also the speed and convenience it offers on site.

“The Push-Fast system is faster and easier to install in any weather conditions,” comments Steve, “as it doesn’t require any welding so it avoids the need for an electricity supply and welding equipment. Consequently, using the system saves us about 20 minutes per joint and that adds up to a considerable reduction in installation time over a whole project.

“During cold and wet weather the benefits are even greater,” he continues, “as the effective, weld-free seals means that we don’t have to erect a welding shelter, which would normally be required for adverse conditions. This makes installation quicker and less logistically challenging during cold and wet weather.”

Advanced Functionality
Not only is the Push-Fast system the quickest way to lay a water pipeline, combining all the benefits of polyethylene with the ease of conventional push-fit joints and the design expertise of GPS PE Pipe Systems, the system also offers high performance and greater convenience. The joint’s unique design resists the end-thrust generated by internal pressure, avoiding the need for the anchors or thrust blocks commonly required for non-PE push-fit systems. What’s more, once the joint has been made, the grip ring grasps the pipe, ensuring a high resistance to pull out.

Steve continues: “The ease of use makes Push-Fast ideal for bends and tight corners where erecting a welding tent would be impractical.”

Quality & Choice
Constructed in black Excel (PE100) and offered in standard 6m lengths (bespoke lengths available to order), with a BS EN 12201 and WIS 4-32-17 compliant pipe, the Push-Fast system is available in seven sizes ranging from 90mm to 250mm and in pressure ratings of PN10 and PN16. The system includes a choice of plain, socket and flanged ended fittings and can also be used with electrofusion fittings.

Find out more about Push-Fast.

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