GPS Proud to Join Operation Clean Sweep

17 May 2017

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We are proud to have signed up to Operation Clean Sweep, an international initiative from the plastics industry to reduce plastic pellet loss to the environment.

Led by the British Plastics Federation (BPF), the aim of Operation Clean Sweep is to ensure that plastic pellets, flakes and powders that are used in manufacturing facilities are handled correctly and do not end up in rivers or seas.

We are committed to operating a sustainable operation wherever possible and adhere to best practice within all of our manufacturing processes, the introduction of new systems and processes to prevent pellet loss is the latest initiative to form part of our corporate social responsibility policy.

We have now produced a detailed operation manual for all warehouse and manufacturing employees outlining the procedures for helping prevent, contain and clean up plastic pellet spills on-site. The whole team at GPS will undergo training on these procedures and they will be regularly monitored and audited to ensure we are achieving the measures we have signed up to.

Commenting on the latest initiative, our operations director, Graham Chadband said: “We have always taken our responsibility tothe environment very seriously and signing up to Operation Clean Sweep is a natural next step in our sustainability commitment. We are committed to making pellet loss a priority in our business and everyone, from warehouse operatives to senior management, is aware of its importance and how they can help us achieve it. “

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