Protecta-Line Expands Into Europe

2 March 2018

GPS Protecta-Line installed at Wixams development

We are expanding our global presence by supplying our market-leading Protecta-Line barrier pipe system to three new markets across Europe.

Due to the success of Protecta-Line within UK projects, there has been an increasing demand from our distribution partners in Europe for a reliable barrier pipe system to cater for the rise in redevelopment of brownfield sites in specific countries.

To cater for this market need, we are now exporting Protecta-Line barrier pipe and fittings to France, Denmark and Sweden. Offering further flexibility to customers, established Aliaxis partners operating in these countries can now provide Protecta-Line, alongside our standard PE pipe, to offer a comprehensive range to meet a variety of requirements.

As the market-leader of barrier pipe projects in the UK, Protecta-Line is the first choice for housebuilders, developers, contractors and utilities and its benefits can now be experienced overseas.

Protecta-Line is a fully integrated barrier pipe and fittings system, which removes the need for costly soil samples, offering a cost effective solution for the safe transportation of water supplies. The industry approved system meets the requirements as set out in WIS 4-32-19, reassuring developers and housebuilders that any contaminants remaining in brownfield sites cannot permeate into the water supply.

In addition to the high quality performance, Protecta-Line also offers considerable installation benefits. The lightweight nature of PE pipe, combined with the quicker and easier electrofusion jointing process, saves significant time and costs on site. While the smooth bore of PE resists corrosion, ensuring flow is not restricted over the lifetime of the system, offering optimum operational efficiency over the lifetime of the system.

Commenting on exporting Protecta-Line, our Protecta-Line product manager, Sophia Zhang, said: “As more brownfield sites are being redeveloped across Europe, we have been getting increasing enquiries about supplying supplying Protecta-Line in certain countries. Working closely with our Aliaxis partners in France and Scandinavia, we are now able to provide a safe and reliable barrier pipe system for transporting water through contaminated land to customers in these countries.”

Available in sizes up to 630mm, Protecta-Line is a fully approved integrated barrier pipe and fittings system. Its tough multi-layer construction incorporates an impermeable aluminum barrier layer wrapped onto a central core of PE80 or Excel (PE100) pipe. Its innovative design ensures that any contaminants remaining in brownfield sites and former industrial land cannot permeate into the water supply.

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