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2 August 2018

Excel 3C lowres

We are working with the majority of water companies to help them save millions of litres of water each year by providing a pipeline solution that can significantly reduce the volume of water that is used during the installation stage.

An average utility installs more than 18,000 metres of coiled water distribution pipe every year, which needs to be flushed out with a chlorinated solution to sterilise the pipe prior to commissioning. This flushing out processes of standard polyethylene (PE) pipe uses millions of litres of water, which could simply be eradicated by using our Excel 3C pipe.

A typical water utility installing 18,300 metres of standard PE pipe coils uses 8,395,491 litres of water during the chlorination process, which is the equivalent of 38,161 hosepipe uses or 104,944 baths. While the exact length of pipe installed, along with the volume of water used, varies from utility to utility, they could all completely eliminate this use of water simply by switching the pipe solution that they use.

Utilising Excel 3C, a factory clean, sealed pipe, eliminates the need for pre-chlorination, and the associated use of water, saving a typical utility an average of eight million litres of water each year.

With some water authorities having already committed to switching all of their future new coiled water supply pipes to Excel 3C, others need to take notice of the benefits being gained and follow their lead to take advantage of not only less water consumption, but also significantly quicker installation times.

Commenting on the issue, our segment manager, James Roper, said: “With the prolonged drought that we are experiencing leading to water-saving measures being enforced by many utilities, we are working with water companies to encourage adopting new pipeline solutions in a bid to conserve their water.

“Tackling water leakage is, and should be, the absolute number one priority to increase water reserves, but this is a complex process and while measures are being implemented to address the issue, there are simple changes that can be put in place to support this effort. Using a factory clean and sealed pipe eliminates the need for water to be used during the installation process, so if every water utility switched to this type of pipe coil, they could be saving more than 200 million litres of water per year collectively.”

GPS Excel 3C is a unique factory clean PE100 pipe coil that is approved by the Secretary of State for installation without pre-chlorination. The factory-sealed pipe ends are secured by a protective cap to ensure the pipe bore is protected against possible contamination, allowing installers to install the system without the need for a chlorination process and saving up to seven days of installation time.


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