15 Years of Excel 3C

28 August 2018

Coil with Towing Head copy

We are celebrating 15 years since we first launched Excel 3C as a revolutionary solution for water supply pipe coils.

Since its launch in 2003, we have supplied more than 1,900km of Excel 3C pipe, with water authorities and contractors alike enjoying the benefits of the clean, capped coiled pipe for potable water installations.

Offering significant advantages during the installation stage of a project, Excel 3C is a factory clean PE100 pipe, which comprises factory-sealed pipe ends that are secured by a protective cap to ensure the pipe bore is protected against possible contamination. This enables installers to install the system without the need for a chlorination process, not only vastly reducing the quantity of water needed, but also saving up to seven days of installation time.

Offering further flexibility to contractors, and setting it apart from other factory clean pipe coils, our Excel 3C pipe can be supplied with a factory fitted towing head, ready to attach to a towing shackle for immediate installation.

Commenting on the anniversary, our product manager, Sophia Zhang, said: “Our Excel 3C pipe is popular with both water utilities and contractors and we have experienced year-on-year growth over the last 15 years.

“With project budgets and timescales getting ever tighter, we are now working with many utilities to look at switching all of their coiled water supply pipe for future schemes to Excel 3C to provide cost and time savings.”

Approved by the Secretary of State for installation without pre-chlorination, Excel 3C coils are available in SDR11 and SDR17 in sizes from 90mm to 180mm. For further information about our Excel 3C range please click here.

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