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9 November 2018

Excel White

Continuing to drive innovation in the polyethylene (PE) pipe market, in another industry first we are launching Excel White, a purpose-designed pipe system for transporting water in above ground applications.

Expanding our PE pipe systems portfolio, we are launching Excel White in direct response to market feedback. While the majority of PE pipes for water applications are buried underground, there are certain applications, such as when pipe needs to cross rivers, or for hydro projects, that require pipe to be installed above ground. When exposed to sunlight, traditional black PE materials can expand in the heat, impacting operational performance, so currently thicker pipe walls are specified to cater for this expansion.

Excel White will see the co-extrusion of white and black PE100 to provide a white surface, which reflects sunlight and provides significantly lower solar radiation absorption levels. The lower surface temperature that is maintained reduces thermal stress and expansion and allows a thinner pipe wall to be used, offering considerable cost savings.

The new pipe is available in sizes from 180mm up to 630mm in SDR11, SDR17, SDR21 and SDR26. Offering complete flexibility to contractors and installers, Excel White is offered in 6m and 12m straight lengths or 50m and 100m coils in 180mm. Additional sizes, SDRs and lengths are available subject to a minimum order value.

Commenting on the launch of Excel White, our Product Manager, Sophia Zhang, said: “Our technical team always works closely with customers on above ground projects to ensure the correct specification of pipe is designed to cater for the effect of sunlight exposure, however this can increase costs due to the thicker pipe wall that is needed.

“Continually looking to enhance and improve our offering for customers, we have launched Excel White as an improved solution for above ground applications providing customers with not only an improved product performance, but also reduced costs.”

For further information on the new Excel White pipe please contact us on 01480 442600.

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