Excel (PE100)

For pressurised water supply, sewage duties and gas suppy

Excel is a High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) pipe for water and sewage duties. It is made from the tough PE100 polymer, which is a stronger, higher density material than PE80, demonstrating high resistance to rapid crack propagation (60°C to -30°C) as well as to long term stress cracking.

The Excel pipe range is available in standard sizes from 75mm to 1200mm and in a range of pressure ratings up to 16bar (higher rated pipes may be available to order), in the following colours:

  • Blue – for UK potable water supply below ground (EN 12201-2, WIS 4-32-17).
  • Black – for UK potable water supplies above ground, industrial or general/waste applications above and below the ground (EN 12201-2, EN 13244-2).
  • Orange - for 7 bar gas supply below ground (GIS/PL2-8).

All the Benefits of Polyethyelene

  • Long life (50 year design life - life expectancy in excess of 100 years)
  • Ease of installation
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Flexible and lightweight with a tolerance to ground movement
  • Completely resistant to corrosion
  • A welded pipeline system that is fully load bearing, without any need for anchor blocks

Lower Cost

The tough, high performance polymer, from which Excel pipe is manufactured, allows thinner pipe walls than for the equivalent PE80 pipes. This means less polymer required than an equivalent MDPE/PE80 pipe of similar pressure rating.

Excel pipe, manufactured to EN 12201-2/ WIS 4-32-17 can withstand transient surges of twice the rated pressure of the pipe. For example an SDR17 pipe rated to 10bar can withstand surges of 20bar. This reduction in wall thickness makes Excel the cost competitive choice. Combining the use of Excel pipe with trenchless installation techniques provides significant cost savings.

High Pressure

The use of tough PE100 polymer ensures that Excel pipe is highly resistant to fast fracture even in the most hostile conditions. This allows Excel to operate at higher working pressures than PE80.

Enhanced Material Requirements of the PE100+ Association

Excel pipes are only manufactured in premium PE100 pipe grades, listed on the PE100+ Quality Materials List. These grades are exceptionally resistant to rapid crack propagation and long-term stress cracking, meeting the enhanced material requirements of PE100+ Association which monitors the most critical properties of PE100 pipes at the levels higher than those founded in CEN/ISO.

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