Barrier pipe and fittings system for safe transportation of drinking water through contaminated ground

The UK’s leading barrier system

Protecta-Line is an award winning, fully integrated barrier pipe and fittings system. Its tough multi-layer construction ensures that any contaminants remaining in brownfield sites and former industrial land cannot permeate into the water supply.

Why Barrier Pipe?

Previously used contaminated land is increasingly being reused for new developments where drinking water is needed. Such land, in particular former industrial land, must either be remediated to reduce contamination to acceptable levels, or an appropriate barrier pipe system must be installed which provides a high level of protection over standard pipe systems and can guarantee the long term safety and quality of the water supply.

Conventional pipe systems should not be used in such land as certain residual chemicals can permeate or corrode the pipe wall causing unpleasant taste and shortening the life of the pipe.


Introduced to the UK market in 1996, Protecta-Line won the IWEX Innovation Award in 1997 for its innovative design.

The multi-layer construction of Protecta-Line pipes incorporates an impermeable aluminum barrier layer wrapped onto a central core of PE80 or Excel (PE100) pipe. This prevents the ingress that would be caused by throughwall permeation of hydrocarbons and related chemicals that might be present in contaminated/brownfield land.

Protecta-Line water barrier pipe blue

Your Benefits

  • Proven barrier against all recognised brownfield contaminants
  • Suitable for corrosive conditions - avoid the cost of expensive soil sampling
  • Long-term security of supply
  • All the installation benefits of polyethylene – a lightweight (80% lighter than cement lined ductile iron), flexible material that is fast and easy to install (up to 55% faster than ductile iron). No thrust blocks and wrapping required. Long pipe lengths reduce need for joints.
  • Reduced leakage
  • Excellent lifetime cost savings

Leading Barrier System

  • Leading the market for over 15 years 
  • The most complete range of fully integrated pipe and fittings
  • Second–to-none approval status  - full system is independently approved (see below)
  • Specified by choice for contaminated sites by many UK water companies.


  • Approved by the Secretary of State
  • WRAS (complete system approved)
  • WIS 4-32-19 (complete system is Kitemarked)
  • BS 6572 (25mm-63mm pipes)
  • WIS 4-32-17 (25mm-355mm pipes)
  • BS EN 12201 (90mm-355mm pipes)

System permeation tests are independently verified.

Avoid Expensive Soil Sampling

Plastic pipe do not corrode and are suitable for corrosive conditions. According to UKWIR Guidance (10/WM/03/21), PE barrier pipes provide sufficient protection from all recognised brownfield site conditions where there is no expectation of toxic substances. This means that choosing Protecta-Line can help developers avoid the cost of expensive soil sampling, which is required for metal pipes to establish how corrosive the site could be.

Better Sustainability

Using fewer resources during its manufacture that metallic pipes, Protecta-Line has a lower carbon footprint over its lifecycle and, because its hydraulic flow characteristics don’t deteriorate, maintaining the flow rate takes much less energy too. Easier, cheaper and more fuel efficient to transport and install than metallic pipe, Protecta-Line is also faster to install and low maintenance, reducing traffic disruption during installation and throughout its lifetime.

The Most Complete System

The Protecta-Line range incorporates pipes in sizes from 25mm to 355mm and a full range of dedicated, approved Mechanical Compression, Mechanical, Electrofusion, Ferrule  and Pupped fittings.

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