PE80 Pipe

For pressurised gas supply (and water or sewage duties in service sizes only)

Our PE80 pipe is manufactured from MDPE rather than HDPE PE80.  MDPE has a higher long term stress crack resistance than traditional HDPE PE80.

The PE80 range includes coils and straight pipes in the following colours:

  • Light Blue - for potable water supply below ground
  • Yellow - for gas supply below ground
  • Black - for water and gas supplies outside Europe, UK potable water supplies above ground and industrial applications above and below ground.

The range is available in SDR11, SDR13.6 and SDR17.6, in sizes 20mm to 63mm for blue and black and in 20mm to 560mm for yellow.

All the Installation Benefits of PE

  • No corrosion
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Flexible and light weight with a tolerance to ground movement
  • It can be joined by butt welding or electrofusion to create a sealed, fully end-load bearing pipe system
  • No deterioration of hydraulic performance over time
  • Easier installation and maintenance procedures over alternative materials.


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