Drinking Water

Maintaining a Safe Drinking Water Supply

GPS pipe installed at United Utilities Heron Bridge scheme

GPS pipes are selected by leading water companies and engineering consultancies to deliver clean drinking water supplies. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for new water installations including trunk mains, distribution mains, communciation pipes and service pipes, while also offering products for water mains renovation projects.

Our Product Solutions

We offer a range of fully-approved, high quality potable water pipe in sizes ranging from 20mm to 1200mm and working pressures up to 16 bar, including:

  • PE 80 (in sizes up to 63mm)
  • PE100 (in sizes up to 1200mm)
  • Excel 3C (in sizes up to 180mm)


Long-term Performance

With a 100 year design life, PE pipes offer a durable solution with minimal maintenance requirements. With no internal coating that could deteriorate, a smooth, non-porous bore helps to maintain flow rates for long-term performance.

Fully Approved System

We understand that our customers need pipe systems they can trust, which is why we ensure that our potable water products undergo stringent third party testing to meet all of the requirements of the water industry. Our water distribution pipe systems are Regulation 31/27 approved and Kitemarked to BS EN 12201.

Lifetime Cost Savings

Offering lower installation and whole life costs than traditional metal materials, our PE pipes are light and flexible for easier handling, resulting in reduced labour and logistics costs, The smooth bore of PE pipes allows consistant flow rates over the lifetime os the system, reducing pumping requirements and lowering energy costs.

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