Raw Water & Sewerage

Offering Flexibility Under Pressure

sewerage raw water pipe

The strength, flexibility and high pressure capabilities of our pipes ensures a cost-effective and efficient solution for raw water and sewerage applications including gravity and vacuum sewers, sewer outfalls, bulk water transfer, raw water mains and pumping systems.

Our Product Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of fully-approved, high quality pipes and fittings in sizes up to 1200mm and pressure ratings of up to 16bar including:

  • PE 80 Black (in sizes up to 63mm)
  • PE 100 Black (in sizes up to 1200mm)
  • Mechanical Fittings, Frialen Electrofusion Fittings, Spigot Fittings, Pupped Fittings


Ease of Installation

PE pipes offer easier outfall installations, due to PE’s low density allowing the pipe to float, meaning barges or flotation bags are not necessary. The ease of pipe sinking and anchoring also helps to reduce the need for specialist equipment and underwater labour, providing time and cost savings.

Trenchless Applications

PE pipes are equally suitable for replacing ageing sewage and raw water pipelines, as well as new installations, using trenchless technologies. They are particularly ideal for repairing collapsed sewers in urban areas, where trenchless installation causes less disruption and reduced remediation costs, and for use in slip lining existing damaged or corroded metal outfall pipes. 

High Pressure Capabilities

For some raw water and pumping mains, it is essential that the pipeline can withstand intense internal pressure and, due to the strength and flexibility of PE, our pipes can maintain their integrity under the most arduous conditions, while also offering the ability to withstand water hammer (fatique) and surge conditions.

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