Delivering a Robust Gas Network

Guildford St 500mm

At the forefront of PE pipeline development within the gas industry for more than 40 years, GPS is still trusted by the UK’s major gas utilities to provide quality PE gas pipe for both new and replacement pipelines, with the ability to transfer a range of gases including natural gas and liquid petroleumn (LPG).

Our Product Solution

We offer a range of pipes to cater for Low Pressure (LP), Medium Pressure (MP) and Intermediate Pressure (IP) gas supply applications, including:

  • PE 80 (in sizes up to 180mm)
  • PE 100 (in sizes up to 800mm)
  • Electrofusion fittings (in sizes up to 800mm)



With strict standards and approvals governing the gas industy, compromise is not an option and our pipes and fittings are fully approved to all the major gas industry standards including GIS / PL2.

Long-term performance

Inherent properties, such as corrosion resistance, ensure PE gas pipes can maintain flow levels to deliver superb long-term performance. Highly stress crack resistant, PE pipes provide a robust solution, even in the event of any surface scoring during installation, to deliver a secure gas network.

Flexible Installations

With many ageing Victorian gas mains in need of upgrading, PE pipes are ideal for insertion techniques, providing a hardwearing replacement for corroded iron and steel pipelines. Equally suitable for open cut and trenchless installations, PE pipes offer the ability to flex to accommodate ground contours and large radius bends.

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