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hydro scheme pipeline

GPS provides a wide range of PE pipe solutions to cater for for delivering renewable energy schemes including Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Landfill Gas, Grey Water Transportation and Rainwater Harvesting.

Our Product Solutions

Our durable and flexible PE100 pipe, in sizes up to 1200mm, is ideal for renewable installations, while our Geothermal Coils can be used in conjunction with Frialen Electrofusion or other associated fittings for geothermal installations.


Excellent Exterior Performance

Many renewable schemes are installed in harsh environments, such as more than 100m deep or under water. Our PE pipes can cope with tough conditions during installation, while a high level of abrasion and crack resistance offers the strength to withstand external harsh conditions, including corrosive chemicals.


Offering excellent thermal properties and superb flexibility, PE is the ideal material for the loops of pipe required for geothermal installations. This flexibility, combined with its lightweight properties, make it easy to assemble and install, even in difficult conditions.

Safe Transportation

Correctly installed PE pipes can deliver a fully welded, leak-free operation, allowing landfill gas to be transferred to the processing plant without any fear of leakage or harm to the surrounding environment.

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