Excel 3C Coils

For potable water installations without pre-chlorination

Clean, Capped, Coiled pipe for potable water installations without pre-chlorination

Excel 3C is a factory sealed Excel (PE100) pipe coil that is approved by the Secretary of State for installation without pre-chlorination. It can save up to seven days in installation time and vastly reduce the quantity of hypochlorite solution required. Excel 3C pipe can be supplied with a factory fitted Towing Head, ready to attach a towing shackle for immediate installation.

Excel 3C coils are available in SDR11 and SDR17, in sizes from 90mm to 180mm.

No Risk of Contamination

  • Factory sealed pipe ends
  • Factory-clean pipe bore when delivered on site
  • BS EN 12201/WIS 4-32-17 compliant pipe
  • Regulations 31 and 27 approved coils for installation without pre-chlorination

No Disruption to Water Supply Customer

  • Immediate installation from stock without lengthy pre-chlorination
  • High installation productivity compared to unsealed coils
  • Potential to commission the pipe on same day as installed – fewer visits to site needed

No Risk of Towing Head Failure

  • Optional integral factory-fitted Towing Head
  • No risk of Towing Head detaching from pipe during installation

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