Large diameter electrofusion fittings for pressurised gas and water supply

Large diameter electrofusion fittings

FRIALEN electrofusion fittings are manufactured by our sister company Friatec and GPS PE Pipe Systems are their sole UK distributor. The unique design of FRIALEN electrofusion fittings incorporates exposed heating coils to provide consistent heat transfer during fusion and to achieve maximum bonding between the materials. FRIALEN fittings are lightweight, resistant to corrosion, have excellent chemical durability and exceptional fusibility.

Large Range

FRIALEN electrofusion fittings are available with 4mm terminal pins, in sizes up to 800mm, for gas and water applications up to 16 bar.

The FRIALEN range incorporates a great variety of fittings:

  • Couplers
  • Reducers
  • End Caps
  • Top Loading Tees
  • Equal Tees
  • Reinforcing Saddles
  • Repair & Reinforcing Saddles
  • Ball Valves (Long Spigot Fitting)
  • Full Faced Flanges (Long Spigot Fitting)
  • Top Loading Branch Saddles
  • Under Clamped Branch Saddles
  • Under Clamped Spigot Saddles
  • 30° Elbows
  • Shut-Off Valves (FFRIALOC)

Fusion Jointing Reliability

The exposed heating coils of FRIALEN fittings provide consistent heat transfer during fusion and also optimum homogenous connection between materials.They have longer fusion times  to ensure reliability and solidity of the fusion joint. Fittings also have a large insertion depth for the pipe ends, further aiding reliability and safety of the connections.

More Reliability…

  • Fusion result is not affected by oxide layer in the fitting
  • Ovality and angle deviations are safely absorbed
  • Bending stresses are better compensated
  • Melt pressures are evenly built up
  • Traceability barcodes for full batch traceability

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